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English 2228: Shakespeare

English 2228: Shakespeare introduces the student to the man whose work has fascinated the world for over 400 years. Students read the plays and listen to podcasts of professors and guests discussing Shakespeare's plays in a talk show format. Students express their opinions on the Discussion Boards. Film versions of the plays enhance the experience.

One of the questions students often ask is "Why have the plays maintained their popularity?"

Shakespeare's plays have been performed in just about every language in just about every country. By reading the plays, listening to the podcasts and participating in the class discussions, students will discover the richness of Shakespeare's poetry and appreciate the depth of his understanding of the human condition. David Mamet once said that people go to the theater for problem solving. If that is true, then we can understand ourselves better because we have seen how Shakespeare's characters face their problems.

If you want to discover why Shakespeare is the paramount writer in the English language, then sign up for English 2228.

Computer Information

Students interested in English 2228 online will need access to a computer with Internet capabilities. For further information about computer experience and equipment requirements, students should consult the COD Online web pages.

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