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Masterpieces of World Literature


Welcome to English 2226, Masterpieces of World Literature. This course is offered for 3 semester hours and is IAI transferable (IAI H3 907). This course fulfills humanities credits toward an Associate of Arts degree at College of DuPage. It also satisfies the Global/Multicultural Studies Requirement.

During the term, we will encounter both historic and contemporary literature, explore ways of relating to the unfamiliar, learn more about the world and ourselves, and ponder what it means to be human.

Course readings include a text (mammoth, but we'll be reading only selected portions), professor essays, an occasional feature film (viewing rather than reading, of course, although the two are related), and an occasional article available online from the College of DuPage library and perhaps other online sources. Students are welcome to explore the Internet on their own to discover sites related to our course.

Activities include reading, writing informally on worksheets and in journals, writing formal essays, and participation in posted discussions you can access at your convenience within specified time frames. Students are encouraged to contact one another as well as the instructor to discuss course related issues. There will be a mid-term and final.

Since this is a 3 credit class, students should expect to spend from 10 to 15 hours a week, during the 16-Week session, working with course materials and reading selections.


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