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English 1102
Composition II: Rethinking Research
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English 1102 is the second of College of DuPage’s two course composition sequence. Ideally, students who take this course have gained some experience sustaining and supporting a written position. Ideally, students have also practiced analyzing and responding to written sources, and perhaps even incorporating the ideas of others into their own writing. But combining all of these skills into a cohesive, readable paper often fills students with dread. This on-line course strives to kill the anxiety!

Through researched projects, you will learn how to personalize and connect with a written assignment. By examining the writing and research techniques of other writers, you will expand your notions about what research can be. During every stage of the writing process, you will address a range of questions, methods, interpretive strategies and organizational frameworks available to writers. And you’ll learn how to choose topics that genuinely interest you, and find ways to connect to assignments that seem difficult.

Students are graded on process as well as final drafts of assignments.


white tree limbWho can enroll?   

Students who have successfully completed the requirements for English 1101 may enroll in the course. Basic computer and word-processing skills and access to the Internet and e-mail are necessary. In addition, you will need to purchase a textbook.

How do I enroll?

Students meeting the requirements can register at myACCESS  or by calling 630 942-2377. It is suggested that students access each area in C.O.D. Online, prior to registration, to see if online learning is for them.

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