Advanced-level academic/professional English grammar and sentence structure for students whose first or primary language is not English. Emphasizes the formal properties of the English language integrated with writing skills. Focuses on conditionals, passive voice, reported speech, verbals, emphatic constructions, performing multiple coordinating and embedding combinations, and varying tenses in discourse.

Intended primarily for students who hold a high school certificate or its equivalent and have previously studied English in the United States or their native countries. This course may be taken four times for credit; course does not count toward GPA/graduation and is non-transferable.







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Credit Hours

4 credit hours (4 lecture hours)


English as a Second Language 0662 with a grade of C or better or appropriate score on mandatory placement test (4 lecture hours).

Technical Requirements

Students must have regular access to the Internet and a computer. Courses are administered through Blackboard, so students will also need a compatible OS and browser. A list of recommended software can be found here.