College of DuPage

Education 1115 - College Success Skills

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Be the Best Student You Can Be!

Are you:

  • Struggling with your classes?
  • Seeking to develop better study habits?
  • Learn new strategies to take better notes and do score higher on tests?
  • New to COD?

This class is for you!

Education 1115: College Success Skills is a class that focuses on helping you to develop the skills to be a more successful student.  Through a variety of journals, discussion boards, quizzes, and online activities, you will learn all kinds of tools to help prepare for a more successful academic future.  This is a great course for students who are new to COD wanting to learn more about the college or current students looking to improve their study habits.  Please note, this course is not designed to be included in a teacher preparation program.  It is an education course focused on personal development. 

More information:
For more information on this exciting course, visit the Counseling Events/Classes/Workshops page to learn more.  There is more specific information, and even a video of one of the instructors speaking more directly about the class.

If we may be of help to you, please let us know! You can contact Counseling and Advising Services at (630) 942-2259.