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Education 1105 - Career Development
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A Whole New World Awaits!

Are you:

  • Struggling to choose a field of study?
  • Considering a career change?
  • Seeking out more specific career information?
  • Wanting to learn more about yourself?

This class is for you!

Education 1105, Career Development, is a class that focuses on you and preparing you for the future. Through the term, you will learn more about yourself through a variety of resources: interest inventories, online databases, skills identification charts, values clarification exercises, and many other activities and readings. Emphasis is given to helping students learn the skills involved in developing career awareness, making career decisions and taking career action in a changing work environment.

About Counseling Services at COD:
Your instructors for the course are both faculty and counselors here at COD: Counselors here provide a variety of helpful services for students. They include:

There are also many other services our office provides. If we may be of help to you, please let us know! Contact Counseling Services at (630) 942-2259.

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