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Education 1101: School Procedures

What makes an Effective Teacher?

In this course we will discuss numerous educational concepts.   We will focus on answering questions that are imperative to being a successful teacher on the very first day of school.  We will discuss in depth what makes a teacher effective and able to improve the academic performance of his/her students in a positive classroom climate.  We will focus on the following:

  1. Identify the policies, procedures, and  personnel involved with daily classroom routines and activities.
  2. Discuss and apply various approaches to classroom management,   lesson design for student mastery, and setting and implementing high expectations for students.
  3. Assist in instructional and other classroom tasks within a field experience setting.
  4. Design our own classroom and perform the necessary steps to be prepared, professional,  and prolific the very first day of school
  5. Develop and implement a lesson plan.
  6. Identify and respond to the role of teacher as problem solver and classroom manager.
  7. Interact with individual students, small groups, and a full class within a field experience setting.
  8. Assess personal interests, needs, and abilities as related to a possible teaching career.

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in learning more about becoming an effective classroom teacher and creating a  successful classroom environment that ensures student academic success.

Course Description

School Procedures is a field experience course with each student spending a minimum of 40 clock hours in a K-12 public school, preferably in a diverse setting.  The course focuses on the development of human relations and problem-solving skills necessary for an effective classroom.  Students examine various policies, procedures, and routine activities that are part of the teacher’s role.

Students will write and respond to weekly reflection of their field work as well as a culminating reflection paper.  In addition, students will take online tests after reading the text, view video presentations online, and  review lectures, and other presentations developed to increase understanding.  Students will design their own classroom, lesson plans, and other educational projects to improve their understanding of the classroom environment.

clock A 40 clock hour field experience is mandatory for credit.

Technical Requirements

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