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Education 1100: Introduction to Education

An apple for the teacher?

In this course we will discuss numerous educational concepts. We will focus on answering questions that are imperative to making a decision of whether or not you want to pursue a career as a "Teacher." Within the course we will focus on answering the most important questions:

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in learning more about the field of education. At the end of this course students will know for sure if education is the profession for them. For parents, it will help them to understand the educational system, how it works, and the positive approaches to develop the best educational system possible for their child.

Course Description

Education 1100 provides an introduction to teaching as a profession in the American educational system. It offers a variety of perspectives on education, including historical, philosophical, social, legal, and ethical issues in a diverse society. The course includes organizational structure and school governance.

Students will need to complete 15 hours of field work in a K-12 Public School and write three reflection papers after completing every 5 hours of observation. In addition, students will take online tests after reading the text, lecture, and power points developed to increase understanding; be involved in online discussions; write a research paper on the topic of their choice, and develop their philosophy of education by answering four basic questions.

clock A fifteen clock hour field experience is required.

Technical Requirements

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