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ChartEconomics 2202:

Microeconomics and the Global Economy

Course Overview

Economics 2202: Microeconomics and the Global Economy, is the branch of economics that deals with human behavior and choices as they relate to relatively small economic units - the individual, a firm, an industry, a single market. In particular, we study theories of consumer behavior, supply and demand, price determination, market structures, agricultural economics, environmental economics, factor pricing, labor unions, international trade and international finance, and economic development.

This Internet course is offered through COD Online and is designed to offer the student a flexible method of completing the course material for an introductory microeconomics course. We will try to introduce you to the who, what, and why of microeconomic activity.

This course has regular deadlines. Successful students must be self-directed. This is NOT an independent study course.

Economics 2202 is a 3-hour credit course.

Prerequisite: A score of 53 or higher in the algebra domain of Math Placement Test and successful completion of Economics 2201 is recommended.


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