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Culinary 1120 - Food Service Sanitation

CULINARY 1120 - Food Service Sanitation

Discussing menu choices.

A certified Food Service Sanitation Manager is on duty at all times when potentially hazardous food is prepared or served. This person is responsible for overseeing the food handling and preparation process to prevent the occurrence of food-borne illness.


Storing food in the kitchen.


The Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification program is administered by the Department of Public Health and other approved training providers. This program is designed to offer food handlers and supervisors a basic food science background and develop knowledge for the proper handling of food and the unsanitary maintenance of food establishments.

Fresh produce and wrapped chicken.To obtain a Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate you must attend and pass an approved course.

At the end of this online course you will sit for the online version of the State of Illinois sanitation examination. You must attain 75 percent to receive your state license.

After successful completion of the online final State exam, you must send in $35.00 to obtain the license.

At the end of the course students will take the final exam at the main campus testing center. This test is provided by the educational foundation of the National Restaurant Association and will be administered online under a proctored environment. This test will be offered over a one week period subject to hours of operation and policies of the College of DuPage Testing Center. After successful completion of the Final Exam, the state will send you a form to fill out and ask for a payment. (The rate in 2013 is $35.00.)