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Criminal Justice 1130: Introduction To Corrections

3 Credit Hours

Photo of jail.

The field of corrections is experiencing a large growth and this means the demand for qualified practitioners is rising. The College of DuPage understands the demands some professionals and students have on their lives and provides a convenient online course to assist those with other commitments. If you want to get a job in the field of criminal justice, or pursue a promotion in your current career, an associate degree will help prepare you.

Introduction To Corrections is one of several courses offered at the College of DuPage to help you get started accomplishing your goals. In this particular course, the historical development of corrections is discussed, along with the goals of criminal sentencing, jails, prisons, alternative sentencing, prisoner rights, rehabilitation, parole and probation, and the death penalty and race. This course will provide students and professionals with an in depth understanding of corrections in America.

Students who register for this course should expect to spend from 9 - 12 hours a week working on their selected reading materials, course assignments and completing online discussions.

Prerequisites: None

For more information about this online course, refer to the Course Summary or contact COD Online.

Photo of a jail bed.