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Criminal Justice 1100:
Intro to Criminal Justice

Police officer writes a ticket.

This is a survey and analysis of the criminal justice system, including an historical, developmental and philosophical overview of the development of law as a means of social control. Special emphasis is placed on the system components and the relationships of these components in the administration of criminal justice in America.

Course Objectives

  • Analyze the major components of criminal justice and their inter-relationship administration of justice.
  • Analyze the criminal justice system in the context of its history and philosophy.
  • Describe and analyze the basic principles of criminal and constitutional law.
  • Demonstrate critical skills in reading, researching, and thinking in the context of criminal justice issues.
Who can enroll in the course?

Admission is open to anyone who is a high school graduate, or has earned a GED; or is at least 18 years old.

Structure of the course

This course is delivered totally online. Computer knowledge, access to a computer, having an Internet service provider (such as AOL, MSN, etc.), and knowing how to operate a computer are necessary to link to this course and do web searches. Course content is broken into units and assignments will be due at the end of each unit. A schedule will be supplied when the student signs online to the course. Because students taking this course have diverse knowledge, all participants are encouraged to regularly share their ideas and experiences.

How do I enroll?

Prior to registration, it is strongly suggested that all students access each area in COD Online to see if online learning is suitable for them. Students meeting the requirements can enroll by calling the College of DuPage at 630.942.2377 or College of DuPage - Online Registration Information

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