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CIS 2720: Structured Query Language I (SQL I)

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Why CIS 2720 SQL I?

SQL is a computer language designed to get information from data that is stored in a relational database (such as Access, Oracle, DB 2, Microsoft SQL Server).

A relational database is one way to organize data in a computer. SQL is one of the main reasons to organize data into a relational database. Using SQL, information can be obtained from the data fairly easily by people throughout the organization at the same time.

SQL is used in more than 100 software products. Once you learn SQL, you will be able to use all of these products with a little study of their special features. It is easy to learn SQL, relative to many other computer languages. It also opens the door to relational databases and the many advantages they offer.

After completing this course, you can take either CIS 2725 Microsoft SQL Server or CIS 2730 Oracle Database application to further advance on the enterprise database platform. 

CIS 2720 is one of the required courses to complete a certificate: