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CIS 2541 C++ Programming cpp code


Course Overview

C++ Language Programming (CIS2541) is an introduction the C++ Programming Language. Topics include the application of C++ language syntax to fundamental program design concepts: data types, variables, operators, expressions, program control structures, functions, arrays, and file input/output. In addition, C++ offers the opportunity to learn memory addressing concepts through the pointer and reference data types. Object Oriented Programming concepts are implemented through the use of C++ classes, encapsulation, inheritance, virtual functions, and polymorphism.

CIS2541 combines textbook readings, online research, instructor notes, video notes, assignments and assessments to introduce/increase one’s understanding of the C++ programming language.

CIS2541 is a 4 semester credit hour class.

Why Should I Take CIS2541?

CIS2541 is established as an IAI compliant course: CS911.

CIS2541 provides the foundation for more advanced courses on data structures and is a required course for the COD C++ Language Proficiency Certificate.

Necessary Equipment

In addition to the textbooks, one will need a computer with Internet access. Software included with the textbook is used to create, edit, compile, execute, and debug C++ programs. A Web browser is used to complete the online research. Adobe Flash Player is needed to view the online video notes.

Should I Take CIS2541 Online?

Experience indicates that students most successful in an online version of a course are students who work with computers on a regular basis and are comfortable with online interaction.

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD website's Is Online Learning Right for You?, to determine if this method of study works for you. The Smarter Measure Self Assessment will also guide you in your decision.

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