Introduces theoretical and practical concepts of local area network on the Microsoft Windows desktop Operating System (OS). Includes installing and configuring the client OS, administering users, managing devices, organizing file systems, establishing security, and installation and configuration of networking components. Covers network and performance monitoring tools provided by the OS and the establishment of baselines to troubleshoot problems. 

This course may be taken four times for credit as new versions are released. 


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For questions regarding this course, contact the instructor or COD Online support.

Credit Hours

3 credit hours (2 lecture, 2 lab)


To enroll in CIS 1610, students must have taken Computer Information Systems 1180 with a grade of C or better, taken an equivalent course outside of COD, or have the permission of the instructor.

Technical Requirements

Students must have regular access to the Internet and a computer. Courses are administered through Blackboard, so students will also need a compatible OS and browser. A list of recommended software can be found here.