College of DuPage

CIS 1400: Programming Logic and Technique

Course Overview

Programming Logic and Technique (CIS1400) is an introduction to computer-based problem-solving techniques. Topics include the discussion and application of design tools such as structure charts, Input Processing Output charts (IPO), flowcharts, pseudocode and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques. Concepts such as documentation, structured design and modularity are emphasized. Actual programming experiences are assigned in a procedural level programming environment emphasizing structured design techniques.

CIS1400 combines textbook readings, online research, instructor notes, assignments and assessments to introduce/increase one’s understanding of software design concepts.

CIS1400 is a 4 semester credit hour class.

Why Should I Take CIS 1400?

Software design uses problem solving techniques to implement algorithmic solutions for a given programming problem.  Understanding these problem solving strategies is a practiced process.  By applying some general guidelines to a set of standing logical programming constructs, one can design the solution to any given problem, regardless of its complexity.  CIS1400 reviews the techniques practiced by many experienced developers to design, implement, and maintain software solutions in a computing environment.

CIS1400 is a pre-requisite to many of the software programming and scripting courses.  It is also a requirement for several COD degrees and certificates.

Necessary Equipment

In addition to the textbooks, one will need a computer with Internet access.  Software included with the textbook is used to document the design for several programming applications.  A Web browser is used to complete the online research.

Should I Take CIS 1400 Online?

Experience indicates that students most successful in an online version of a course are students who work with computers on a regular basis and are comfortable with online interaction.

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD website's Is Online Learning Right for You?, to determine if this method of study works for you. The Smarter Measure Self Assessment will also guide you in your decision.