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CIS 1205: Office Suite Software and Integration

Office terms
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Office Terms

Why study yet another version of Microsoft Office?

First came Office 4.2 followed by Office 95, Office 97, Office 98, Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010. Most consumers saw these continual upgrades as just more money for the Microsoft Corporation. With Office 2013, however, Microsoft has earned our attention.

In addition to new graphical features, consider the following:

  1. Business can now create more customized documents, reports, and presentations than with previous Office versions.Office 2013 is designed to integrate with the cloud and to work with touch screens. You now can edit PDFs, format Task Panes in PowerPoint, easier Chartingin Excel, and  have more Graphics options not only in Word, but also in Excel, Access and PowerPoint! 

  2. A new certification – The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certificate for Office 2013  You want to this certification on your resume so business will know your skills are current. 

  3. The Microsoft Access 2013 interface has changed the most, but database is still the most difficult of the applications to learn. Learn to create tables, queries, forms, reports using the new features.

  4. Integration is the all too often neglected topic in courses that offer Microsoft Office training. Learn to link an Excel chart to a PowerPoint presentation so that when the worksheet changes so does the PowerPoint slide that contains it. Learn how to export Access tables to further analyze them in Excel. Learn how to import Excel worksheets into Access to quickly search for data. You will complete many more exercises that will teach you how to use object linking and embedding technology. Finally, learn how to create a web site you can share with the class using Microsoft Office applications.

In addition to guiding you through a very visual text, the instructor has included clarifications and tips she shares in a traditional classroom setting.

Finally, this course transfers to several Illinois state colleges in programs that require more than an introductory computer class.

Join the class and learn why Microsoft Office 2013 is worth the upgrade!

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