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Introduction to Networking
3 credit hours

Computer Network


Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce the student to Networking. It is a survey course that will provide the student with a working knowledge of the key concepts and terms used by the industry. Included will be introductory material to the following topics: LAN hardware, software, network management and control, enterprise networking, peer-to-peer networking, client/server computing, connectivity, micro-to-mainframe connectivity, issues in LAN application software, security, privacy, and ethics. Some of the issues to be explored in this course include the duties of the LAN administrator and the constraints and integrity of the system.

Course Prerequisite

The course prerequisite is CIS 1150 or 1160 or consent of instructor.

Necessary Equipment

In addition to the textbook, you will need to use a computer on which you have Internet access.

Should I Take Introduction To Networking Online?

Visit the COD Online Self Assessment to help you determine if you are a good candidate for an online course. Then, visit the COD Online home page, which includes information about taking Internet courses.



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