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CIS 1150: Intro to Computer Information Systems

Laptop computerCourse Overview

CIS 1150: Introduction to Computer Information Systems is an overview of the computing field and its typical applications.  CIS 1150 covers key terminology and components of computer hardware, software, and operating systems. Other topics include computer concepts, hardware, software, database, data communications, networks, the Internet, systems analysis and design, and computer applications. 

circuit boardsCIS 1150 combines textbook readings, assignments, online review exercises, practice tests, and hands-on computer work with Windows and current version of Microsoft Office. 

CIS 1150 is a three semester hour class.

Required Hardware and Software

In addition to the textbooks, you will need to use a computer with the MS Office and Internet access.

Should I Take CIS 1150 Online?

Experience indicates that those most successful in CIS 1150 Online are those students who have worked with computers previously but now want to fill the gaps in their knowledge. Since CIS 1150 Online is a survey course, it covers many topics which can be overwhelming to the novice computer user.

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD website's Is Online Learning Right for You?, to determine if this method of study works for you. The Smarter Measure Self Assessment will also guide you in your decision.