College of DuPage

  CIS 1120: The Internet

Course Overview

CIS 1120 introduces the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to master and use the Internet. This course provides an understanding of the concepts behind the Internet as a tool as well as hands-on activities using the Internet. It is intended for a broad audience.

CIS 1120 utilizes a combination of resources to make this a rewarding learning experience for you. Through textbook readings, research, notes, practical application, assignments and assessments you are sure to know more about using the internet effectively at the conclusion of the course.

CIS1120 is a 2 semester credit hour class.

Why Should I Take CIS 1120?

It’s difficult to exist in today’s digital society without interfacing with online activities. Activities may include research, school, communication, social networking, business, or pleasure. This class will introduce you to uses of the internet, how to maximize your use, and will allow you practical experience in varied settings through application.

Whether at the office, home, or school, it is important to use computers and technology efficiently. In this class you will learn how to customize the Windows desktop, manage data files, photos and music, work with printers and other computers, effectively use the Internet and protect computers from viruses and spyware.

CIS1120 is a requirement for the COD Microcomputer Specialist degree and several COD certificates.

Necessary Equipment

In addition to the textbooks, one will need a computer with a version of Windows (Vista or 7 or higher), a Web browser and Internet access.

Should I Take CIS 1120 Online?

Experience indicates that students most successful in an online version of a course are students who work with computers on a regular basis and are comfortable with online interaction.

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD web site, Succeeding in Internet Courses, to determine if this method of study works for you.  The Self Assessment Survey will also guide you in your decision.

Review Software and Hardware Recommendations to see if your computer software and hardware are ready to work with Blackboard. Finally, Frequently Asked Questions will answer many questions you may have about online learning at COD.