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Business Law 2212

I bet you never realized preparing for the CPA Exam and/or Law School could be so much fun!!


Like most online students, you have probably taken Online Business Law 2212 rather than the traditional classroom version because the online mode of delivery allows you freedom from being in a specific place at a definite time. It is true that you can study at any time and at any place that you find convenient and that flexibility will, of course, save you time. However, the online format does not in any way decrease the time that must be spent studying, doing course assignments, and preparing for tests and exams.

The very flexibility that makes it a desirable alternative is also the aspect which requires that each student be sufficiently independent. Students must have enough initiative to complete assignments and keep pace with the calendar of assignments/tests set forth by the instructor. It can be fatal for a student to fall behind. If you are the kind of person who thrives in an atmosphere where no one is constantly reminding you of deadlines and test dates, then an online course is the one for you!

The objective of this course is to build on the knowledge gained by students in Bus Law 2211 and introduce and familiarize the student with advanced concepts of commercial law as well as the organizational forms of conducting business in the current and future environment.  This course also includes the concepts of ownership and possession of property both real and personal.

As is usually true with an advanced course, studying Bus Law 2212 will hone the studentsí analytic skills and improve their mental discipline.