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Business Law 2211

Welcome to Business Law Online. This course focuses on the nature of law and the legal system. We will learn about the court system and the various types of alternative dispute resolution. We will also analyze constitutional law, torts and contracts and the impact each has on the business world. With the growing corporate scandals and more and more shareholders questioning the actions of CEO's and Boards of Directors, we will analyze and discuss the relationship between corporate social responsibility and legal ethics.


Top Ten Reasons to Take This Class

10. You learn how to navigate your way through Domestic Relations Court unfortunately.

9. You learn how to navigate your way through Traffic Court fortunately.

8. It will help you decide if law school is for you; there is always a need for good, honest lawyers.

7. You will learn enough law to be able to decide if you need a lawyer when you get into a jam in the real world.

6. You learn how to talk like a lawyer; whether you want to or not.

5. The Internet Assignments are a good and easy learning experience.

4. You learn when a promise is an enforceable contract.

3. Business Law is a whole section on the CPA Exam; and Business Law class does not tackle any accounting problems.

2. You can go to class in your pajamas.

1. Business Law Class is a requirement for Business majors, and every step towards a degree is a step in the right direction.