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Business 2255
International Business

WorldGlobalization is having a profound impact on the way we do business. All industries, from retail to manufacturing, are impacted by the competitive pressures of this increasingly global business environment.

This course provides a theoretical and descriptive exploration of the interdependent world of international business. This course will explore globalization trends, international trade theories, regulations affecting trade, and regional economic integration. Additionally, students will examine how company functions such as marketing, finance and management operate in the international setting. Special emphasis is placed on strategy development and the role of culture.

This mostly self-paced course will allow you to direct your own exploration and analysis of international business. Assignments are designed to encourage study of current, real-world globalization challenges and opportunities. Students are evaluated based on writing assignments, group (message center) discussions and multiple-choice quizzes.

This course is recommended for managers, marketing professionals, finance professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and students seeking a degree in any business discipline.

Technical requirements for this course are Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later and a 56.6 baud modem. DSL or Cable Internet access is recommended. Microsoft Word is highly recommended.

Business 2255 is a 3 credit hour class.

Prerequisite: Business 1100.

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