About Business 2200: Business Budgeting (3 Credit Hours)

Manager holds a planning document and directs others guiding a bridge piece into place.This course provides a hands-on study in the preparation of a business budget.  Budget reports that you will prepare include:

  • Cash Budget
  • Balance Sheet Budget
  • Income Statement Budget
  • Statement of Cash flow
  • Budget Variance Reports

In addition to completing a business budget, you will be an active participant in management decisions.  Some of the topics we will analyze include:

  • The relationship between budgeting and the planning cycle
  • Ratio comparison and analysis with industry and competitor
  • Costs structure determination and utilization of breakeven analysis for decision making
  • Analysis of pricing strategies and their impact on forecasted sales and projected expenses
  • Utilization of capital budgeting techniques to select capital projects

This course was designed to provide a supportive classroom environment.  You will have an opportunity to discuss business and management issues with both your classmates and me.  Our discussions will take us beyond the textbook into current business issues and events.

Who Should Take This Course?

Budget preparation is a management responsibility.  As such, this course would be of interest to students pursing careers in management.  In addition, this course may be an appropriate choice for the following students:

  • Those completing an AAS Degree
  • Those retooling in preparation for management opportunities
  • Those with a special interest in Finance

Prerequisites: The prerequisites for this course are Business 1100 and Accounting 1140.