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Biology 1110: Environmental Biology

4 credit hours

Biology 1110 is a course that satisfies the general education core requirement of a lab-based science course.  This course is relevant to students of any major, including biology.


wetland restoration at College of DuPage
Students participate in wetland restoration at the College of DuPage
urban growth of Dhaka, Bangledesh
Urban growth of Dhaka, Bangledesh

The intent of the course is to help students learn about the types, causes, and potential solutions to modern environmental problems.  Topics explored in the course tend to be interdisciplinary by nature but the biological perspective is emphasized; topics include: biological communities, human populations and resource use, urbanization, pollution, and sustainable energy use.


This online version of the course employs textbook and online reading, virtual labs and learning activities, discussion, and online testing to help students achieve course objectives.

Students taking this course will need use of a computer with reliable internet access. See computer software and hardware recommendations and the new student guide about taking online courses at the College of DuPage.

Although no prerequisites are listed for Biology 1110, college-level reading and writing skills are necessary for successful completion of the course.

logging of tropical rainforest, Costa Rica
Logging of tropical rainforest, Costa Rica

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