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Accounting 2251: Cost Accounting

This course provides a strong grounding on important aspects of a Company’s Internal Accounting systems:

Manager tosses coins into a field to see them grow to dollars


In this course we examine a Manufacturing company's Cost Accounting systems and its application in decision-making.

Also our focus moves from being bean counters to bean growers. Costing a product appropriately is vital to pricing the product appropriately and therefore paramount to a business’s viability and profitability in the long run.

Course Goals

"Cost Accounting" is a solid starting point in the tapestry for completing the empowering Certified Management Accountant Examination (CMA). The CMA certification demonstrates professional expertise in Decision Support and Strategic Financial Planning and Analysis. Contact an Accounting program advisor to further discuss preparation for the CMA Examination and Certification.

Choosing this course

This is a required course for students pursuing an AAS (Associate in Applied science) degree. It is an elective course for students pursuing the AA (Associate in Arts) degree. It is also an elective for students pursuing the Advanced Accounting Certificate. This course is appropriate for students planning to sit for the CPA and/or CMA Examinations. It is also appropriate for students planning careers in Accounting, Finance, and/or Management. This course is designed for students who want to sit for the CPA and/or CMA Examinations. Such students typically have already earned baccalaureate degrees and are taking this course at the College to meet the credit/knowledge requirements to sit for these Examinations.

How do I enroll?

Visit each area of COD Online to help you determine if you are a good candidate for an online course. Students meeting the requirements can register online using myACCESS. For more information, see Online Registration.

For more information about the Accounting Program and Certificates at College of DuPage, refer to our Accounting Program website.