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Social Media & Collabortaion Tools (Education 2760) 


> Use Social Bookmarking To Gather Resources

> As a Group Learn How Microblogging (Twitter) Can Enhance Learning

> Use Video Chat Tools To Engage Your Students

> Learn How Your Students Can Collaboratively Write Documents Online

> Collaborate On Building A Class Website


Teaching with Social Media & Collaboration Tools

In this course you will be learning about social learning theory and experience a variety of tools to enhance collaboration in education. This is a hands on, project based course where students are expected to collaborate with others and use and engage with others using web based collaborative tools. Collaboration is a 21st century learning skill we need to develop. But wait... how can this be accomplished online? We will be exploring this question and many others as we go through the course. Also, we will examine professional learning networks and develop a " plan of action" for our own PLN.

You should plan on spending 7-9 hours per week working on projects, reading materials, interacting with others online and completing a variety of assignments- including an e-Portfolio.

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to do the following:

    1. Recognize a variety of communication tools available to engage and retain online students
    2. Appraise current research in collaborative learning theory
    3. Analyze a variety of social learning networks and their influence in online learning
    4. Use a variety of online tools that encourage active learning and collaboration
    5. Evaluate personal learning networks and professional development models
    6. Present a plan for professional development in online teaching
    7. Prepare a digital portfolio

Who Should take this Course

Current teachers, trainers or students thinking about education as a profession would greatly benefit from this course. Though, anyone wanting to know more about social media and a variety of Web based tools for collaboration will find this course quite useful. This course is part of the TOUT (Teaching Online Utilizing Technology) Certificate program at College of DuPage

Structure of the course

This course is delivered totally online with assignments/projects due weekly. Consistent access to a computer/Internet and knowing how to operate a computer including: Internet browsing, word processing, e-mail attachments, transfer files, and the ability to copy/paste efficiently are necessary to take this course. This is not a self-paced course and you are expected to login several times per week. Please understand that online classes require about the same amount or more time to be successful as a 'regular' class. This is a 3 credit hour class and it is expected that you spend at least 7-9 hours per week on the course.

Required Subscriptions, Hardware and Software Subscription - We will be using for our "online video textbook." They offer a monthly subscription option, which you can cancel at anytime. You will need this service for Modules 10- 14.

Webcam: Most computers come with webcam's, but if yours does not have one, you will need to purchase one that is compatible with your computer.

Computer Microphone: Computer Microphone: Most computers come with a microphone, but if yours does not have one, obtain either a headset or desktop microphone for your computer. Some examples include:

Desktop mic: audio/microphones



How do I enroll?

Prior to registration visit the following sites to help you determine if you are ready for an online course .

Students meeting the requirements can enroll by calling the College of DuPage at 630.942.3948 or register online.

Social Media & Collaboration Tools (Education 2760) is a three credit hour course.


I look forward to having you in class!!