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Cell phoneCIS 2510: Advanced Graphical User Interface Programming

Course Overview

Advanced Graphical User Interface Programming (CIS2510) covers advanced topics in event driven programming in the Windows environment. Topics include Visual Studio, the .NET framework, building multi-tier programs with classes, Windows database applications, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Web applications, reporting, collections, user controls, Help files, Smart devices and LINQ. Actual programming experiences are assigned in a .NET programming environment emphasizing object oriented design techniques.

CIS2510 combines textbook readings, online research, instructor notes, assignments and assessments to increase one’s understanding of Visual Basic.NET concepts.

CIS2510 is a 4 semester credit hour class.

Why Should I Take CIS 2510?

Visual Basic is a relatively easy to learn and yet powerful programming language that is widely used in industry. Visual Basic is designed to allow the programmer to develop applications that run under Windows and/or a Web browser without the complexity generally associated with programming. CIS2510 incorporates the concepts of programming, problem solving, programming logic as well as the design techniques of an object oriented language.

CIS2510 is a requirement for the Application Programmer degree with a Visual Basic emphasis and the Visual BASIC Language certificate.

Necessary Equipment

In addition to the textbook, one will need a computer with Internet access. Access to the Visual Basic.Net software is available to students taking the class.

Should I Take CIS 2510 Online?

Experience indicates that students most successful in an online version of a course are students who work with computers on a regular basis and are comfortable with online interaction.

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD web site, Succeeding in Internet Courses, to determine if this method of study works for you. The Self Assessment Tools will also guide you in your decision. Finally, Frequently Asked Questions will address your hardware and software needs for the class.