Eligibility for Awarding a Second Degree

A student meeting specific qualifications may earn two or more different degrees from College of DuPage. Credits earned for degrees already completed may apply toward subsequent degrees. However, a minimum of 10 additional credits must be earned at College of DuPage for each degree sought after the first degree is awarded.


  1. When a student breaks enrollment for more than three consecutive semesters, including summer semester, the student is subject to the degree requirements as stated in the College of DuPage Catalog that is current at the time of re-entry, subject to changes.
  2. Courses numbered below 1000 represent courses not usually found in the curriculum of a baccalaureate degree-granting institution and, therefore, may not transfer. They do not apply to any College of DuPage degree or certificate.
  3. Students are responsible for proper class registration each semester. Selecting courses relevant to future goals and degree requirements is the responsibility of the student.
  4. Students should contact a counselor or advisor for advice regarding degree requirements, transfer requirements and achievement of educational goals.
  5. All students intending to transfer are encouraged to plan their programs of study according to the requirements of the transfer institution.
  6. Degree and major requirements at baccalaureate degree-granting institutions may require more than two academic years of study after completion of an associate's degree at College of DuPage.
  7. Some College of DuPage courses have been designed for two-year programs of study. Although they are considered college level, they may not meet the objectives of a bachelor's degree program and, therefore, may not be transferable.