Long-Term Care Administration (LTC)

  • LTC 1130 
    Introduction Long-Term Care Services

    3  credit hours

    Overview of various settings for long-term care including nursing homes, senior housing options, adult day care, home health care, assisted living, and hospice. Introduces ethical and quality of care issues, reimbursement for services, role of technology, marketing and leadership responsibilities. (3 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1140 
    Intro to Nursing Home Administration

    3  credit hours

    Introduction to the responsibilities of the nursing facility administrator, licensure procedures, and standards. Relevant legal, funding, and program issues are addressed. Prerequisite: Long Term Care Administration 1130 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent. (3 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1151 
    Nursing Home Administrative Practices I

    3  credit hours

    Introduction to personnel management specific to long-term care including staffing, scheduling, recruitment, training, performance appraisal, wage and benefit administration, job satisfaction, and employee health and safety. (3 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1152 
    Nursing Home Administrative Practices II

    3  credit hours

    Introduction to financial management in long-term care administration including budgeting, accounting, internal controls, and equity and debt financing. (3 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1161 
    Aging and Long-Term Care I

    2  credit hours

    Survey of the physical, psychological, sociological and financial aspects of aging. Introduces related long-term care options, and current social policies and programs. (2 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1162 
    Aging and Long-Term Care II

    2  credit hours

    Continuation of LTC-1161. Expands on the physical, psychological, sociological and financial aspects of aging as well as current policies and programs that can benefit the older adult. Prerequisite: Long Term Care Administration 1161 or equivalent, or concurrent enrollment in Long Term Care Administration 1161. (2 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1840 
    Independent Study

    1 to 4  credit hours

    Exploration and analysis of topics within the discipline to meet individual student-defined course description, goals, objectives, topical outline and methods of evaluation in coordination with and approved by the instructor. This course may be taken four times for credit as long as different topics are selected. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor is required. (2 to 8 lab hours)

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