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College of DuPage's Chaparral Country is an empire of excellence both in the classroom and on the playing field. Athletes find an all-around quality program here, complete with winning athletics and academics. College of DuPage has had one of the most successful community college athletic programs in the nation the past 20 years.

Playing to Win

Every superior collegiate athletic program has at its core one trait that continually fuels successful seasons: A WINNING TRADITION. Without a doubt, College of DuPage holds one of the finest winning traditions capturing national championships and numerous regional, state and North Central Community College Conference (N4C) championships. As a College of DuPage student/athlete, you will be a part of a program of state and national prominence.

While we point with pride to our athletic success, we continually stress to our athletes that they are students first, and athletes second. That is a big part of Chaparral tradition.

College of DuPage offers you the opportunity and challenge to work hard, play hard, and succeed as a student, an athlete, and a future working professional.

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The Road to COD

Jermaine Townes

Jermaine Townes

Jermaine Townes is a 39-year-old College of DuPage student, a Desert Storm veteran, and a member of the 2011 College of DuPage men's basketball team.


  • Teso Coker

    Teso CokerAthletics

    “I want to become an environmental scientist, and COD is laying down the guideline for my first degree. I also want to continue playing tennis when I leave COD, so I’ve learned a lot of time management. I also realize that there are many people at COD who are passionate about their profession. Generally, they have been in their field for a long time. Their experiences give insight into my future as I plan my own short- and long-term goals."

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  • Lauren Carroll

    Lauren CarrollAthletics

    “COD has helped me grow and become a better student. I've learned how to balance school, basketball and working when I can. Personally, I think I have become more independent. My advice to students who are considering COD would be that it’s a great place to start. You have to make the most of it. You get what you put into it. So I would encourage students to become involved in something.”

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  • Lucy Diaz

    Lucy DiazAthletics

    “My experiences with the volleyball team have been absolutely great. I love the coaches and I’m so grateful to be playing with a great group of girls. I believe we can be a very successful program and do big things! Managing other activities and school at the same time can be very difficult. I really do believe that attending College of DuPage for the first two years is a very wise thing to do.”

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  • Rory Manion

    Rory ManionAthletics

    “Currently, I am undecided of my career path, but COD is helping me find my career by the classes that I am taking. Ultimately, I want to choose a career that I will never get bored of doing. And COD is helping me meet many goals. I am still playing the sport I love so I’m excited about that, and I’m furthering my education. Most of my classes are relatively small, which makes it easy to build that relationship with your classmates and teachers.”

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