Surgical Assistant Registration Packet

Thank you for your interest in the Surgical Assistant program. This packet provides important information regarding the Surgical Assistant program. 

For additional questions or more information on the Surgical Assistant program at College of DuPage, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Office of Admissions & Outreach - (630) 942-2626 or
    Application & General Program Information
  • Health Sciences Program Advisors - (630) 942-2259 or
    Course Selection Assistance
  • Health and Sciences Division - (630) 942-8331
    Health Requirements Information
  • Surgical Assistant Program Coordinator - Kathy Cabai, EdD, RN, MSN, CNOR at (630) 942-8328 or


Advanced Certificate Program
"Online Program"

Fall 2019

Registration Deadline: August 1, 2019


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Currently, there are no other Surgical Assistant Programs in the State of Illinois. The development of a Surgical Assistant program at College of DuPage will provide Certified Surgical Technologists an opportunity to complete their career ladder.

Program Profile

The Surgical Assistant Certificate program will provide students with career ladder advancement opportunities as a surgical assistant using a variety of instructional methods. The program's didactic content will be offered in an online format, allowing the students to continue their employment. The program will also consist of a suture lab and clinical experience. The student is responsible for securing his/her own clinical site.

The Surgical Assistant program will educate and train students to actively, safely and expeditiously assist the surgeon in surgical operations. The Surgical Assistant program provides advancement opportunities for Certified Surgical Technologists through a variety of instructional methods including online, laboratory and clinical instruction and experience. The Surgical Assistant program will provide students with experience in aiding in surgical procedure exposure, hemostasis, closure and other intraoperative surgical functions that help a surgeon carry out a safe surgical procedure with optimal results for the patient. In addition to intraoperative duties, the Surgical Assistant program will also provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform preoperative and postoperative functions to better facilitate proper patient care under the direction and supervision of a surgeon in accordance with hospital policy and appropriate laws, regulations and standards.

Laboratory Skills, Competencies and Exams
This program has mandatory lab skills, competencies and exams that must be passed prior to going to clinical rotations. If the student does not successfully complete these, then the student will be asked to withdraw from the program.


Surgical Assistant Program Classes:

  • SURGT 2501 - Surgical Assisting Principles I
    (9 credit hours)
  • SURGT 2502 - Surgical Laboratory Practicum
    (6 credit hours)
  • SURGT 2503 - Surgical Assisting Principles II
    (13 credit hours)
  • SURGT 2504 - Surgical Assisting Principles III
    (7 credit hours)

Total: 35 credit hours

Fall Semester

  • SURGT 2501 - Surgical Assisting Principles I
    (9 credit hours)
  • SURGT 2502 - Surgical Laboratory Practicum
    (6 credit hours)

Total: 15 credit hours

Spring Semester

  • SURGT 2503 - Surgical Assisting Principles II
    (13 credit hours)

Total: 13 credit hours

Summer Semester

  • SURGT 2504 - Surgical Assisting Principles III
    (7 credit hours)

Total: 7 credit hours
Total Program (Certificate) Credits: 35 credit hours

Clinical Education

The applicant is responsible for securing his or her own clinical site. Once a site is established an official affiliation agreement will be initiated. Applicants must also identify a surgeon who will be willing to serve as a preceptor. Agreement letter and a copy of surgeon will be required.

Progress on General Education Requirements

This section is not applicable to this program.


Technical Standards of Acceptance

Standard Skills in Health Career Programs

To participate in any Health Career program at College of DuPage that has a direct patient care or clinical education component, applicants must possess additional non-academic skills. These occupational standards are consistent with the duties of the entry-level professional in that field and are set by the individual program. These skills, which protect the health and well-being of patients, may include, but are not limited to, the ability to:

  • Lift, push, pull and/or carry greater than 100 pounds
  • Lift and transfer patients to and from wheelchairs, stretchers, beds and imaging tables
  • Move, adjust and manipulate equipment
  • Position patients for exams
  • Respond appropriately to sounds such as the patient's voice and movements at a normal conversational volume
  • Respond appropriately to equipment signals such as sound and light
  • Manipulate the necessary hospital equipment for patient care such as dials, switches, push buttons and keyboards
  • Perform for a prolonged period without breaks in a typical shift of eight hours
  • Communicate orally and in writing with patients, doctors and other personnel clearly and effectively and have the ability to follow verbal and written directions

In the Surgical Assistant profession, you may be exposed to fumes, chemicals, cold, noise, radiation, blood/body fluids and infectious diseases. See the Surgical Assistant packet for the Health Career program to which you are applying for specific occupational requirements. Students who do not meet these standards may be considered ineligible for the program and can be withdrawn from all program classes. If you are unsure whether you can meet these requirements, you are advised to consult an advisor, counselor or member of the program faculty to discuss the situation, and/or schedule an appointment with your physician prior to applying to the program or enrolling for classes.

Rubric / Rank Score

This section is not applicable to this program.

Determination of Registration

Please see Registration Requirements section.

Requirements After Registration

Students will need to maintain a "C" or higher in the Surgical Assistant classes in order to continue in the program.

Licensure / Credentialing

Information about a career as a Surgical Assistant is available at: or or or The College of DuPage Surgical Assistant program is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( (727) 210- 2350. College of DuPage is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Registration Requirements

Students must complete the following Registration Check List and all Program Entrance Requirements to be considered for admission to the Surgical Assistant program. Each of these steps must be completed prior to Registration.

  1. Schedule and complete an individual advising session with the program coordinator, Kathy Cabai. Call (630) 942-8328 or email to schedule.

  2. Complete College of DuPage General Admissions Application online or in person at the College of DuPage Office of Admissions and Outreach, SSC 2207. There is a $20 general admissions fee due upon submission. If you have previously attended College of DuPage, you can omit this step. This application is for general admissions to College of DuPage only; it is not an application to the Surgical Assistant program.

  3. Required Program Prerequisites: MUST meet the following criteria below. Once you have completed your individual advising session with the Program Coordinator, you MUST scan and email proof of the following to Kathy Cabai at cabaik@cod.eduOnce we have verified the below documentation we will confirm whether or not you are eligible for registration.

    - Copy of current Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) card/certificate

    - Surgeon Preceptor CV

    - Clinical site contract contact information (name, title, phone and e-mail)

  4. Registration Process: Once you have been granted permission to register, you will be notified. A $50 non-refundable 'Permit to Register Fee' must be paid at the Cashier's Office, Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2525 or (630)-942-2206, once you are eligible to register. You will then proceed to complete the "Registration Permit Form" and submit to the Office of Student Registration Services, Student Services Center (SSC) 2221.


"All application documents delivered to the College of DuPage pertaining to a health sciences admissions file become the property of the College of DuPage and will not be returned to applicants. This includes but is not limited to transcripts, letters of recommendation, clinical evaluation forms or outside test reports."


Contact Information

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please

    1. Attend an advising session
    2. Visit a Health Career Program Advisor by calling (630) 942-2259 to make an appointment.
    3. For information or general inquiries, please send an email to (Please use above phone number only to schedule an appointment. Do not send an appointment request to this email).

Feedback/compliments/concerns regarding this Health Science Program. For general inquiries, please use contact information listed above.

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