Teens as Leaders

Essentially there are seven leadership skills that all leaders possess. As adults we play a large role in providing opportunities for those skills to be developed.

1. Understanding of Self

Teens need opportunities where they can comfortably be themselves in order to hone their true leadership skills. By knowing how they react to different circumstances, teens can apply that knowledge to new situations, and be better prepared to deal with unknowns.

2. Communicating

From verbal to body language, teens need practice in communicating and expressing ideas. The most critical role we as adults can play is to actively listen and treat them as equal partners in leadership.

3. Getting Along with Others

As teens mature they begin to realize that getting along with others does not equate to being friends. As adults we need to create opportunities for teens to reach agreements and support each other.

4. Learning

As leaders we must always be open to new learning. Leadership can not occur in a closed environment, therefore learning needs to take place in every leadership experience.

5. Making Decisions

Teens need opportunities to make authentic decisions that directly impact their lives. As adults, we need to make ourselves and other resources available so teens can seek-out the best possible solutions to difficult decisions.

6. Managing

Learning to manage difficult decisions, situations and people are all essential to being a good leader. Teens need to learn the skills to process past experiences and apply them to new ones in order to manage the daily events in their lives.

7. Working with People

You can't be a leader if you have no one to lead, and knowing how to work with others is essential to being a good leader.