Midterm Verification - Dual Credit Instructions

When do I verify enrollment?

  • You’ll receive an email communication the week before your class section’s midterm enrollment verification period is schedule to open.
  • The Midterm Verification period begins 7 days prior to your class section midterm date and ends 7 days after. Thus, you have 14 days to complete the midterm enrollment verification.
  • The Midterm Date of your class section is viewable on the Midterm Verification/Final Grading screen, and when available for verification will show the status of “READY”.

How do I verify enrollment for “Enrolled Students”?

  • Enter a Verification Status for each student.
    • A = Actively attending the course
    • N = Not actively attending the course
    • W = Withdraw due to non-attendance
  • Students marked “W” require that a Last Date of Attendance (mm/dd/ccyy) be entered. If the student never attended the class, check the box for Never Attended.

How do I verify enrollment for “Dropped Students”

  • Dropped students do not require a verification status, as they have already been withdrawn from the class.
  • Dropped students do require a Last Date of Attendance. If the student never attended, check the box for Never Attended.

What is “Set all students to Active”?

  • Check this box and click Submit if all students in your class are actively attending the course.

Can I change a student’s status after checking the box “Set all students to Active”?

  • Yes, you will be asked to confirm this selection, showing all students with the status of A for active. Changes can be made before clicking Submit again.


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