Coaching Policies

Our writing coaches work to:

  • Understand what features or stages of the writing process the writer has used to compose their work.
  • Understand how a writer's thinking about an assignment has affected the written draft.
  • Listen carefully to the writer's explanation of the assignment and help the writer deepen his or her sense of audience expectations.
  • Help the writer carefully plan the most effective strategies for achieving his or her purpose, and improving his or her writing.
  • Take instructor's comments and evaluations seriously, as part of the rhetorical situation within which the student must operate.
  • Provide a non-threatening, constructive atmosphere that makes the writing environment a safe place for writers to talk about their work.

Our ultimate aim is to develop better writers who, in turn, produce better work.

Our writing coaches will NOT:

  • Provide proofreading or copyediting services.
  • Write papers for students.
  • "Correct" papers.
  • Ignore problems in grammar, spelling, and usage.
  • Criticize or otherwise undermine faculty members.
  • Question a professor's methods or goals for writing instruction.


Contact Information

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Writing, Reading, and Speech Assistance
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