Spanish 2202 - Intermediate Spanish II

This is an information sheet only, not the course syllabus.


Continues to develop the ability to speak, understand, read, and write Spanish in a cultural context. Includes reading and discussion of modern texts, conversation, composition, grammar review, and cultural activities. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Spanish 2201 or equivalent or at least 2 years High School Spanish or consent of instructor. 4 Credit Hours


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Audiotapes: Destinos, 2nd Edition of the Alternate Edition. (Textbook); Destinos, 2nd Edition of the Alternate Edition, Part B (Study Guide)
Videotapes: Destinos, An Introduction to Spanish (may also be viewed online)


The student attends a required weekly conversation session and works independently with the course materials to complete assignments due at each conversation session.


Six exams, Twelve homework assignments, Twelve conversation sessions, One oral interview, Four compositions, One cultural project, and One group presentation.



Required Text

Course Handbook/Other Print Materials

& Audio Tapes


Exam Number 


Destinos text and workbook

Read pp. 17-18

Also read: Summary of the Destinos

Story: pp. 19-20

Videos 50 & 51

(no Audios)

Assignments 1 & 2

Composition 1



Destinos text and workbook

Al Tanto

Read pp. 33-34

Videos 39 & 40

Audios 39 & 40

Assignments 3 & 4

Composition 2



Destinos text and workbook

Al Tanto

Read pp. 37-38

Videos 41 & 42

Audios 41 & 42

Assignments 5 & 6

Composition 3



Destinos text and workbook

Al Tanto

Read pp. 39-40

Videos 43 & 44

Audios 43 & 44

Assignments 7 & 8


Destinos text and workbook

Al Tanto

Read pp. 41-42 

Videos 45 & 46

Audios 45 & 46

Assignments 9 & 10 


Destinos text and workbook

Al Tanto 

Read pp. 47-48 

Videos 47 & 52

Audios 47 & 52

(52 for textbook only)

Assignments 11 & 12

Composition 4 

Group Presentation

Cultural Project 

Read p. 51

Read p. 52 


Activity I

Activity II 



Oral Interview 

Preparation Sheets: Read pp. 53-55 



Oral Exam



Contact Information

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Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
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