English 0492 - Approaches to College Writing II

This is an information sheet only, not the course syllabus.



The second of two developmental writing courses designed to prepare students for English Composition 1101, English 0492 focuses on composing longer (500-word) essays and on further developing critical thinking skills. May be taken twice for credit. Blue card students only. Permit required.


Follow the instructions below to locate information on the textbook and other materials for this course.
1. Click on myACCESS.
2. Click on Search for Credit Classes.
3. From the Term drop-down box select the term.
4. Choose your course from the Subjects drop-down menu.
5. In the Course # field, enter your course number.
6. In the Section field, enter the course section number if known.
7. From the Course Types drop-down menu select Flexible Learning.
8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on SUBMIT.
9. Click on the Section Name and Title link.
10. Click on Click here for prices of required textbook(s) and supplies and course material information will be displayed.

Alternatively, you can visit the COD Bookstore website to find this information.


Some assignments use the following websites:







Attendance required at weekly appointment.


Your grade will be based on the following criteria:

    1. Demonstrated ability to use the writing process for effective writing
    2. Completion of exercises and activities, including visits to the Writing Assistance Area, peer editing workshops, editing logs, and self-analysis sheets
    3. Performance on revised essays, chapter quizzes, and any additional assessments (75% or better on each assessment)
    4. Teacher observation of student performance
    5. Attendance
    6. Individual conferences

You will receive a letter grade ("A," "B," "C," or "F,") for this course.



Contact Information

Flexible Learning
Student Resource Center (SRC), Room 2102
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone:(630) 942-2131
Fax: (630) 942-3749