Health and Sciences Division Faculty


  • Thomas Cameron, Dean, Health and Sciences
  • Marianne Hunnicutt, Associate Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Tom Schrader, Associate Dean, Math and Physical Sciences
  • Karen M. Solt, Associate Dean, Health and Biological Sciences
  • Paul Zakowski, Associate Dean, Physical Education/Director of Athletics
  • Vickie Gukenberger, Associate Dean, Nursing and Health Sciences


Faculty List (By Department) 


Anatomy and Physiology 





Central Sterile Processing




Cardiac Interventional Radiography Specialist


Criminal Justice


Dental Hygiene


Diagnostic Medical Imaging Sonography


Diagnostic Medical Imaging Radiography


Diagnostic Medical Imaging – Nuclear Medicine

  • Amy Yarshen, Instructor, Coordinator, DMIN and Computed Tomography


Early Childhood Education and Care


Earth Science









Fire Science Technology




Health Information Technology


Health Sciences


Human Services






Nuclear Medicine

Amy Yarshen, Instructor, Coordinator, DMIN and Computed Tomography

Nursing Program


Physical Education


Physical Therapist Assistant





Political Science





Shellaine Thacker, Instructor, Coordinator

Radiation Therapy


Respiratory Care




Speech Language Therapy Assistant

  • Faye Campagna, Instructor, Coordinator, Speech Language Pathology


Surgical Technology


Contact Information

Health and Sciences Division
Tom Cameron, Dean
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2616, (630) 942-2010

Faculty Spotlight

  • Jason Florin

    Carol RiphenburgPolitical Science

    "To compete in the international marketplace and contribute to positive global interaction, students need to have a better understanding of and appreciation for other people, other cultures, other religions and other geographies."

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  • Jason Florin

    Jason FlorinHuman Services

    "I find working with the faculty at the College to be a great inspiration, and of course the students. Their energy and enthusiasm to make a difference is an endless supply of inspiration." 

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  • Dilyss Gallyot

    Dilyss GallyotNursing

    "I care for my students, but I will push them to do their best. I also want them to remember the vulnerability of the patients who they are caring for and the responsibility that is placed in the hands of a nurse."

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  • Theodore Darden

    Theodore DardenCriminal Justice

    "Any individual has the capability of changing the world given the opportunity. As a teacher, I can provide these opportunities on a daily basis to every individual that passes through my classrooms."

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  • Lois Stanciak

    Lois StanciakTeacher Preparation

    "A teacher can have the ability to create a positive or negative attitude toward school, to create an interest in a specific career, to build confidence or cowardice in a student, to encourage risk-taking or passiveness, and to motivate and inspire."

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  • Bob Cappetta

    Bob CappettaMathematics

    "I want my students to learn that their efforts make a difference. I want them to know that they can be successful."

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  • Alex Bolyanatz

    Alex BolyanatzAnthropology

    "If students have a better grasp of why they do what they do, and of why others do what they do, then I am satisfied in terms of what students take away from my classes."

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