M. Ahmad Chaudhry, Ph. D.

M. Ahmad Chaudhry

M. Ahmad Chaudhry, Ph.D.

Dean, Biology and Health Sciences

(630) 942-2292
Office: Health and Science Center (HSC), Room 1214


Dr. Chaudhry received his Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Manchester, UK. He did postdoctoral research work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before joining University of Pennsylvania as a Senior Research Investigator. Dr. Chaudhry joined the University of Vermont as a tenure track faculty, received tenure, and later on promotion to full professor. Before joining College of DuPage as Dean, Biology and Health Sciences, he served as Professor and Chair of the Department of Public and Allied Health, Bowling Green State University.

Research Interests

Dr. Chaudhry’s research interest are in the areas of Radiation Biology, Genomics and Epigenetics, DNA Damage and Repair, DNA Microarrays, microRNA, and Next generation massively parallel sequencing. His research explores the biological effects that are induced in cells after exposure to therapeutic doses of ionizing radiation. This knowledge is critical to enhance the tumor cell killing by radiation. Dr. Chaudhry is an author of 45 peer reviewed articles and 47 abstracts. He has reviewed over 100 manuscripts that were submitted for publication to 41 international scientific journals. In addition, he has reviewed research grants for 7 national or international funding agencies including one of NIH study sections. He currently serves on the editorial board of four international scientific journals. He has chaired symposiums at international meetings and have given scientific talk at these meetings. Dr. Chaudhry has mentored numerous undergraduate/graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty.

Selected Publications (out of 45 peer reviewed scientific papers)

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