Service learning is an academic program at College of DuPage that relies upon the community to work as a co-educator for a wide variety of courses. Through this program, your instructor provides you with an opportunity to participate in community service that is directly related to the theories and issues you are discussing in class. Service learning offers students a chance to master coursework content, while making a real difference in their community.

Service Learning Benefits for Students

  • Students involved in service learning generally have higher grade point averages than students who choose not to participate.
  • Service learning increases retention of a course's subject matter and decreases student drop rates.
  • Service learning strengthens analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Students have the opportunity to gain real-world experience while learning their coursework and building their resumes.
  • Students can become involved in assisting with an issue that is affecting their community.
  • Service learning teaches citizenship and social responsibility skills that can last a lifetime.


Getting Started

Step One:
Points to Consider When Choosing a Placement Site

  • Course objectives: What does your instructor want you to gain from this experience?
  • Timeframe: Will you be able to work during the posted hours of operation in this placement description?
  • Location: Is your placement near your home or on your way to and from COD?
  • Population: Is this a population you are interested in helping?


Step Two:
View Service Learning Placement Sites offered for your course.

Step Three:
Attend the Service Learning Fair to meet community partners.

Student Testimonials


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