Presidential Scholars Service Component

All Presidential Scholars are required to complete 20 hours of approved volunteer service during the first year of the scholarship. Scholars will work with the Career Services office to fulfill this requirement. Scholars can fulfill the 20 hours of service using one of the following methods:

Service Learning:

College of DuPage offers a number of Service Learning courses that bridge volunteer service with academic learning. These courses genearlly require students in teh class to complete 20 hours of service to meet course requirements. Service Learning courses are taught in a number of disciplines. A current list of Service Learning courses can be found at

Self-Designed Service

Presidential Scholars may choose to fulfill the 20 hours of service at a location of his or her choosing. Students who select this option will need ot have the service site approved by Career Service. Site requests should be communicated through the Presidential Volunteer Service Form as noted below.

Presidential Scholars Volunteer Service Form

Once students have selected a method to fulfill the service requirement, each student will need to complete the Presidential Scholars Volunteer Service Form. This form should be completed no later than Friday, November 1. Students who have selected the self-desgined service option should expect approximately five business days for site approval to be communicated. 

Presidential Scholars Hours Log

All students are required to verify his or her service hours with the Presidential Scholars Hours Log. All logs, and completion of service hours are due Friday, April 11 to Career Services.  


Frequestly Asked Questions

1. Can I use service hours completed over the summer to count toward my 20 hours?

No. All volunteer service hours must be completed on or after the first day of Fall session.

2. When do my service hours have to be completed?

All service hours for Presidential Scholars have to be completed by Friday, April 11. This may mean that hours for service learning courses will need to be completed prior to the course deadline date.

3. If my service learning class does not require a full 20 hours  of volunteer service do I still need to do the full twenty hours?

Yes. All Presidential Scholars need to complete a full twenty hours of service.

 4. I can’t find any service learning courses in MyAccess. How do I find them?

Service Learning courses are not currently identified in MyAccess. For the most updated listing, please visit

 5. Where do I go to find the Presidential Scholars Volunteer Request Form and Hours Log?

You can find both at

 6. If I’m in a service learning course, do I still need to complete the Presidential Scholars Hours Log?

Yes. Please provide both a Service Learning Hours Log and a Presidential Scholars Hours Log. 


Contact Information

Career Services
Student Services Center (SSC) Room 3258, (630) 942-2230

Monday to Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.