Internet Enabled Applications using ICA Web Client


Citrix Thin Client Technology allows authorized users access to Web enabled applications from Internet connected Personal Computers both on and off campus.




Personal Computer

Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, or XP

Internet Connection

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 (or later).

ICA 32 bit Web Client (see below for installation).


Using Internet Enabled Applications:


Open your Internet Explorer web browser.

Enter the following URL on the address line;        Login with the following credentials;


ctx-mathcad                 for MathCAD 2001i
            ctx-minitab                  for Minitab version 14



MathCAD 2001i             texas

Minitab 14                     Vermont



Exiting and Logging Out:


Exit by selecting Exit from the File menu. You will be returned to the Citrix Application Portal.

Click Logout.





Installing ICA Web Client 2


1)       Open your Internet Explorer web browser and go to

2)       In the MetaFrame XP Message Center in the lower right side of the Welcome page you will find a message “Select the Icon below to install the ICA Web Client”, and a link ICA Web Client for 32-bit Windows, click this link,

3)       In the File Download dialog box click the Open button,

4)       In the Citrix ICA Web Client dialog box click Yes to continue,

5)       In the Citrix License Agreement dialog box click Yes to accept the agreement,

6)       In the message box stating “Setup completed Successfully” click OK.

7)       You are now ready to use the ICA Web Client and access Web enabled applications.



1 Passwords are changed each Quarter.

2 ICA Web Client is installed on COD Classroom and Open Lab Computers.