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Manual Method: Exempt Grade

Review Drop Lowest Score - Case Study background.

After the student has taken all four quizzes, the instructor may manually mark the lowest score as exempt.

Four scores are displayed. The lowest score is highlighted.

Screenshot showing the menu with Exempt Grade highlighted.

After selecting Exempt Grade, the score no longer appears. The cell now displays a gray circle indicating the grade has been exempted for the student.

Gray circle, meaning exempt, square shows in the grade center column.

Notice the score in the Total column has changed. The student is now getting an A because the total is now figured with the points 28/30 points (93%) instead of the previous 33/40 points (82%).

The same Exempt Grade process will need to be repeated for each individual student's grade to be exempted. As shown above, exempted items are excluded from total grade calculations or any grade statistics.

Exempted grades can be cleared from the Grade Details page or the main Grade Center page.

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