Technology in Mathematics Education
Winter 2004, Volume 4, Issue 2
Student Takes
to the Next Level
As a project I gave in Calc 231 , students were to analyze limits of iterates of a function for different values of c. The student is required to determine the intervals for which the limit increases without bound, converges to a single value, or oscillates without approaching a limit.The project reinforces the limit concept and introduces sensitivity to initial conditions.
See for a full description of the project.
Students had varying success with the project, but one student took the project to the next level. This student was intrigued by the animations I had shown in class to help explain some of the concepts of calculus. Visit my animation gallery for an example of such an animation demonstrating graphically that the derivative of the sine is the cosine.
I provided the student with some examples of how to produce the animations and then he applied animations to the project in a way that demonstrates the concepts involved. The student put in a great deal of extra time in doing this.
Editor: Scott S Albert
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You may view the student's work at project 1.htm
The following are examples of his animations
The student included an animation for values between -3 and 3