Technology in Mathematics Education
Fall 2001, Volume 1, Issue 1
Welcome to Math IT, an occasional newsletter to highlight some of the uses of technology in mathematics education. In this first issue, the results of the Mathematics Software Usage Survey are presented. The survey was distributed last January to full time math faculty and there were 15 respondents. All respondents did not check all categories. The Sometimes category was not on the original form, but several individuals indicated that as their usage level.
Comments that were included on the survey are listed on the reverse side.
Editor: Scott S Albert
Meditating Mathematicians
Critical Thinking in Mathematics Education
May want to use this (Geometer's Sketchpad) for 118 later
If I'm not scheduled to teach in a computer lab, I wheel an old 486 into class which has only Derive (DOS) & Fields and Operators
Did anyone look into the Parker Graphics packages for multivariate calculus
EXP for Windows - word processing & math symbols is used a lot
Math 231 (Converge)
Math 231 - 233 (Derive for Windows)
Math 234 (Fields and Operators)
Math 233, 132 (Omnifarious Plotter)
Use for math 122 (Geometer's Sketchpad)
I would use this if assigned math 234 (Fields and Operators)
This is seldom used, but should be left if someone wants to develop a project for math 122 - our text has a section on LOGO (PC Logo)
Don't use any of the above
Excellent projects are written for Math 245 but haven't been updated for WIN (Derive for DOS)
But I really would like to have it for a Math 122 project I do (Geometer's Sketchpad)
Let me know of the ways in which you use technology in the classroom so that we might share our knowledge
Tell me any ways you may use technology in teaching, projects, etc.
Let me know if there is any issue you would like to see addressed
From Maple
f := (5*cos(y)^2 -1)/3;
cylinderplot(f, x=0..2*Pi,y=-Pi..Pi,style=PATCH, color = f);